About Us

A legacy of industry-leading technology

ECi Mark SystemsTM is a leading provider of simple, visual, mobile home builder software solutions, offering best practices based on NAHB recommendations and real-world applications.

The home building industry’s only single-database, ERP information management application, and one of the most widely used, industry-specific software products available for home builders.

Through the use of interactive maps, LotVueTM allows developers and builders to easily visualize lot inventory, construction progress, sales status, budget and schedule variances, architectural and other vital information.

Utilizing a single database throughout the system, real-time access from anywhere provides residential builders state-of-the-art efficiencies in reporting and customer service. Complete integration assures reliable accuracy from sales through construction.



Our Mission Statement is simple:

“Improve bottom line revenue for our builder customers through tools and services that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.”

For over 35 years ECi Mark Systems, Inc. has been exclusively focused on the development of software tools focused on a single industry: residential home builders and developers. Years of consistent growth prompted an acquisition in March of 2017 by ECi Software Solutions, a company known for high-quality software solutions in niche industries.


While every company touts itself as a ‘customer centric’ organization, ECi Mark Systems, Inc. “puts its money where its mouth is.” Our business model is one of partnership with our customers, and our licensing terms reflect that.

From the newest intern to the senior consultants, every ECi Mark Systems, Inc. employee understands that, to continue to be successful, our only alternative is to service our customers beyond their expectations. Across the residential construction group, every employee understands that we have to remain engaged with every builder and/or developer continuously. ECi Mark Systems, Inc. consistently gets the highest marks for its customer service and support team, reflecting that philosophy.



ECi Mark Systems, Inc. is an intensely focused organization with one goal: to increase our home builder clients’ profitability by reducing construction costs, increasing sales, improving productivity, and enhancing communication. Current product offerings include IHMS™ home builder software and LotVue™ interactive community maps.

Offering ERP support for every home building activity, including delivering full back-office and field operations directly to every person in the building process, using their desktop, laptop, or hand-held device. 

LotVue visually displays data on interactive community maps, including lot inventory, construction progress, sales status, budget and schedule variances, architectural and other vital lot information.

Despite our national scope, ECi Mark Systems, Inc. retains the culture of a regional software developer. Every ECi Mark Systems employee, from executives to interns, establish a relationship with clients that drives our development and ensures our growth.




ECi Mark Systems, Inc. is a professional organization. As individuals, our reputation and brand are affected by our appearance, how we speak, and our actions.  We understand it is important to carry out our duties in a professional and ethical manner and avoid any conflict of interest. Our code of ethics and conduct demonstrates that we operate responsibly and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


  • Deal with fellow employees, customers, prospects and stakeholders in an ethical, fair, and respectful manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of internal business and customer information.
  • Make promises that we have the authority to do so, and that we believe can be kept.
  • Honor and value the abilities and contributions of others, and embrace the responsibility and accountability for our actions in this regard.
  • Maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs.
  • Comply with ethical principles when confronted by personal, professional, social, or economic risk.
  • Do not take action or make decisions that are motivated by considerations other than the best interests of the Company, or the people we serve.
  • Avoid any situation in which we put personal interests ahead of the best interests of the Company, or the people we serve.
  • Do not take actions or make decisions in our capacity as an employee, that may result in direct or indirect gains accruing directly or indirectly as a result of those actions or decisions.
  • Do not act upon information gained from either Company information, or a customer’s organization, that may be profitable individually, to another organization, or to other persons related or known.