Client Testimonials

95% of Customers would choose IHMS again as their home builder software

“With the number of moving parts and pieces in this business, we need quick, visual representations of our data for quick decision making. Having the ability to completely customize a visual tool to meet the very specific needs of each department was a huge advantage for us. We were able to migrate the data fields and pull the data into the visual representations we wanted. Now that we have LotVue™, each of our employees understands their role and what they are responsible for. It’s helped our process flow and enhanced efficiencies for us.”

– Joliene Weiss, Executive Vice President, Vantage Homes, CO


“Prior to IHMSTM we had multiple software solutions for different pieces of our business. The single-database structure eliminates a lot of the confusion and mistakes that we were having. IHMS has made it easier to get a true handle on all of our costs.”

– Rob Allen, Vice President, Handler Homes, DE


“IHMS is not just a tool we use to run our business, it is our business!”

-Chris Taylor, VP of Operations, Rausch Coleman Homes, AR


“I was 27 years old when I reached out to Mark SystemsTM as my company was extremely disorganized and I needed a structure to help me grow it. We went from calling the accountant to tell us how much money we were making each quarter, to being able to tell what our cash flow would be 4 months from now to the penny, (assuming no VPOs). This happened between a year and 18 months of incorporating the system however my learning curve was much larger. I have since hired a past regional president of Cintex, a past COO of Orleans and a past CFO of McArther and they have all stated it is truly the only system that incorporates the entire home building process. We are now at a point when someone asks us for a report we can ask them how they want it weather it is scheduling, financials, cash flow, warranty reporting, traffic, sales, etc.”

Brandon Elliott, President, Elliott Homes, MS


“Mark Systems has always been a great resource for us. IHMS is a communication tool. Now we can see why we have some of the breakdown that we do.”

– Hai Bui, Professional Builder Resources, OK


“Throughout our IHMS implementation, Mark Systems consultants were committed to meeting our needs and providing answers and confidence to our executive team. When we needed a custom report, it was developed. When we requested a face-to-face meeting, they were there. They had an answer to every question and a solution to every problem.”

Tracy Williams, Assistant Treasurer, The Deltona Corporation, FL


“I think everyone has had such a difficult time with FAST so they are very skeptical that another system can do the things they were all hoping for. They have not had the opportunity, as I have, to see a system that is set up correctly and actually work the way it was designed. I had no intention of suggesting a change in software when I was hired on to Shaw Homes, but once I saw the current system and how it works and how it was set up, I knew we had to look at a complete re-implementation regardless of what software we were going to use. At that point, I began looking closely at FAST and comparing it to IHMS. I believe IHMS is a far better software package and strongly recommend it to builders who need a change.”

– Joe Antis, VP Operations, Shaw Homes, OK


“As a former Certified Timberline Consultant, I would like to say that Mark Systems’ IHMS is a far superior home builder software package. After digging into IHMS, I realized that this is a true “soup to nuts” home builder software package for any kind of production or semi-custom home builder. From a potential homebuyer walking into the sales center all the way to warranty service, this is a truly integrated system that provides necessary reporting in all areas.”

– Bill Agee, Controller, Gumenick Properties, VA 

94% of Customers rated IHMS and our consulting services with a 4.5 out of 5 stars

“In this expanding Colorado market, things move fast as more buyers are searching for new construction. It is crucial for us to have all sales, purchasing, scheduling, and vendor information under a single database, keeping our team on the same page and creating efficiencies throughout the entire build cycle.”

– Kolby O’Herron, Partner & Vice President of Operations, Wonderland Homes, CO

“We have seen specific monetary savings over and above the cost of using IHMS. In one instance, we were able to save one full accounting position by automating the approval of work orders and purchase orders in the field in real-time using the Internet Toolkit™. If you are not using a system with all aspects of the building business are integrated into a single software package, then you need to talk with Mark Systems.”

Robert Sambuco, Director of Operations, Paparone Corporation, NJ


“I would highly recommend taking a strong look at IHMS. It has exceeded our expectations and the support is excellent. It is a very trustworthy platform.”

– Jim French, Vice-President, French Brothers, NM


“We were amazed at how tightly Mark Systems’ IHMS tied all of our departments together. We went from drowning in paper to being almost completely paperless. The most immediate impact was saving more than two hours of our superintendent’s time, everyday!”

– Mike Seabrook, President, MI Construction, AZ


93% of customers would recommend IHMS to their peers and Builder 20 group members“In our previous company, we used seven different products and continuously struggled with climbing maintenance costs and integration. Mark Systems’ IHMS provides greater functionality and seamless, transparent integration at a fraction of the cost.”

– Mark Hammond, IT Director, KM Homes, Alpharetta, GA


“The speed and ease of use of Mark Systems’ Sales Module let us schedule agreement appointments every 30 minutes. We created and closed 13 agreements on opening day!”

– Frank Connors, CFO, Eakin / Youngentob Associates, VA


“Thank you for being so unique in this business by providing a quality system, and for your concern to keep up with people’s needs and wants! It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. We all enjoy working with Mark Systems so much!”

– Lauren Walters, Controller, Michael Anthony Homes, PA


“We have been told by all the vendors that we are a challenging group not only due to the experience on the team but because we knew what we wanted in a software package. After the Mark Systems presentation, we all knew we had found what we were looking for. And having the Web-based interface, the Internet ToolKitTM, is crucial for our remote sales and field locations to aid corporate in gathering accurate, timely data through an integrated workflow process.”

– Debbie Blackwell, IT Manager, Lifestyle Homes, AZ


“In switching from Timberline we were most anxious to use Mark Systems’ single database. We are looking forward to eliminating stand alone information created by separate software products… islands of data that couldn’t be shared by all the people who needed or could benefit from it.”

– Mark Becker, IT Director, Jenamar Communities, CA


“We at Gumenick Properties are now at a point where we have the ability to do business in a paperless environment, seamlessly, because of your tremendous efforts and assistance. Your team, which we have worked with over the last two years, has been a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for helping us to continue to be a leader in our field by giving us the tools with which to excel.”

– Director of Purchasing, Gumenick Properties, VA


“We’ve grown from 500 houses per year to over 2,000, and we could not have done that without Mark Systems’ software.

– Yehiel Sar Shalom, Prime Homebuilders, FL

“IHMS is the only integrated package that works. This is the best software package in the industry.”

– William Robinson, President, Builder Operations Group, SC


“As a controller, I love that Mark Systems’ IHMS provides accurate cost information. We always know exactly how much our houses cost us, and can confidently forecast cash flow each period. Even though sales are less than what we projected, we have maintained and in many cases improved our margins on each house. With the market being the way it is, you need to get your processes together to compete. IHMS helped us to improve our efficiency at a time when we needed it the most.”

– Melissa Gorfida, Controller, Tricord Homes, VA


“Having participated in a public company’s software conversion, I had high expectations of Mark System’s Implementation Team. Mark Systems more than surpassed my expectations. The level of commitment by the entire staff; not just the on-site team, but the back office team, was unparalleled.  The Implementation Team listened as our management team communicated current processes and procedures and then provided us information and expertise as to how IHMS would need to be structured and set up. This in-depth pre-planning was the key to our successful implementation.”

– Steven Schrader, Director of Accounting Implementation Team, Rausch Coleman Homes, AR


“I have been involved in 2 major software conversions at home building companies who were building 800 units a year. My earlier experience was with a JDE Edwards conversion from a proprietary system and the full implementation took 9 months and involved several consultants working full time on-site during the entire project. The cost of the implementation far exceeded the initial cost for the software.

The IHMS implementation took 4 months from start to finish and we went live ON TIME. We relied on the expertise and talent of Bob Cain and the rest of the Implementation Team and they helped us solve our procedural and process road blocks and kept us on track. We had high expectations of the IHMS Team and they delivered. We were always aware of the next steps toward going live and the process moved as fast as we could prepare data and make decisions.

During the implementation I especially appreciated the data import spreadsheets. By combining the data imports into one table we could complete sections ahead of time and have them tested and ready. Each table in the spreadsheet was built using previous data so at the end we were confident we were going live with no delays or last minute software changes. Mark Systems also conducted our initial training sessions with all of our regional functional teams during our 2 week system turnover. We are a unique home building company and have demanded a company that can accommodate to our way of doing business. Mark Systems has not let us down. We are confident we made the right choice with the IHMS product.”

– Jim Haffner, Vice-President of Information Systems, Lead for the Implementation Team, Capital Homes, OK

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