Builder Spotlight on Mike Benshoof

President, Red Door Homes | President, Berks Firefly Homes | Partner in SMA Consulting firm

My name is Mike Benshoof, I’m the president of Red Door Homes of Scatter-site home builders and we’ll close about 250 homes this upcoming year. I’m also the President of Berks Firefly homes, a sub-division based builder and we’ll close somewhere in the neighbor of 350 homes this year and I’m a partner in SMA Consulting which is a best practices management financial consulting firm for the industry.

My Partner and I realized that there was no way to keep our software going anymore. We’ve duck taped it together as best as we could and now that the market is improving (we’re hoping for another 5-10 decent years of homebuilding) it was really time to pull the trigger; get on some new software, relook at some of our processes. Mark Systems was a clear choice for us.

As a consultant, we typically go into homebuilders offices, help them straighten out their financials from accounting to actual forward thinking financial management, and then we relate that back to the operations and start helping them implement best practices operations that linked in with the financial management and often times our clients wind up choosing Mark Systems to help with that process.

I think what they have done over the past several years is become laser focused on what their mission is and I think that’s helped them be very clear in their support and development of their software. They are keeping it simple which is really important. Any software that becomes too overly complicated starts to sort of implode on itself. Mark Systems is really keeping everything simple and encouraging best practices. It’s a great system.

No software system is easy to get up and running but Mark Systems is one of the easier home builder software products to get up and running because it’s all under one umbrella-as opposed to multiple things to try to get up and running. The implementation team is really experienced and good. We have several clients that have been using them and they’ve become raving fans over the years and quite frankly that’s why I started to use it on our homebuilding side.

As a consultant, we practice accounting discipline and among that the most important thing is job cost control. One thing that is bulletproof about IHMS is the job cost functioning with purchase orders, work orders, and variance controls- that’s the paramount to any homebuilder’s success.