Builder Spotlight | Paparone New Homes

A CEO’s Viewpoint

Bruce Paparone, CEO & President

Hi, I’m Bruce Paparone, president of Bruce Paparone New Homes. Our family has been in the home building business for over 60 years. Today we build on average 100 homes per year, so you can imagine in the over 60 years that our family has been in the home building business we have seen many changes in technology. I recall when I started, we used to work with pencil and paper and spreadsheets. Of course, what we work with today is completely different.

We looked at a lot of different systems to find a fully integrated one. IHMSTM looked like the product that could do everything we needed. In the 17 years we’ve been with Mark SystemsTM, they have certainly helped us to become a very efficient home builder on the business side.

Before working with Mark Systems, we had many independent things going on within the company. It was difficult for us to process information and get it from one department to the other. Since we implemented Marks Systems IHMS, sales, construction, and accounting all have the ability to process the same information right from the time when the customer comes through the door and gets entered into the system. We were able to customize our approach for that customer throughout the whole company.

One of the beauties of having Mark Systems is that it gives us the opportunity to access the information from just about anywhere. If I’m at home, or away from the office, I can access IHMS and can work with any number of people within our company. One of the areas that we find beneficial is working with our sales staff. If they are working with a customer who wants to do something special to the house, we have the ability to access that information in the system. The quick turnaround that we can execute is great because the customer can get the information right away. We can put deals together quicker than in the past.