Integrated Finances Every Step of the Home Building Process

IHMS is the only single database, home builder specific software package where every aspect of your company can access the same information at the same time. As a result, you develop a never before seen comprehensive view of your entire company; every project, team, and asset. Imagine being able to, with the press of a button, be able to review and analyze the entire portfolio of assets that you have as well as every project, every budget, and every invoice. 


Multi-Company Accounts Payable

Mark SystemsTM‘ IHMSTM offers the most productive accounts payable processing of any home building accounting software.

  • Using the same database as construction, invoicing of approved Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Variance Purchase.
  • Process multi-company invoices with one entry.
  • Use common vendors across all entities, with company and community level control.
  • Positive pay, import of bank statements, and blank check stock options give home builders more options than ever.

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Home Builder Accounts Receivable

Mark Systems IHMS Accounts Receivable Module makes it easy to track receivables from home owners in any company or community. Multiple construction draws, extended deposit schedules, home owners association dues – any type of receivable is supported. Print invoices, receive payments, report delinquencies, all completely integrated into the IHMS database.

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Unlimited General Ledger History

Mark Systems’ IHMS General Ledger Module gives you instant access to every transaction ever made, in any entity, for any year. Drill down from any transaction to the entry batch, entry screen and originating source document.

Multi-company Journal Entries, built in Excel import/export, conslidating Financial Statements and More!

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Common Vendors With Detail Control

Utilizing a single database for all function, IHMS home builder accounting software allows common vendors across all entities and communities to access information, while still giving you complete community-level control.

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Automated Closing Entries

Because it was designed exclusively for home builders, IHMS streamlines and automates the entire closing process- from Settlement Proceeds through HUD sheet entry, COGS and WIP relief, including reserve analysis and final closing.

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Financial Statement Report Writer

Of course, IHMS includes a comprehensive Financial Statement Report Writer that allows an unlimited number of user defined financial statements for each company, including multiple levels of consolidations. Report by department, division or entity, creating financial statements that exactly match your business.

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The Bottom Line: Mark Systems’ Home Builder Accounting modules lower construction costs, reduce overhead, and improve profitability.



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