document management

Document Management


By including each document file directly into the same knowledge base, IHMS delivers an unprecedented level of information directly to each authorized user instantly and transparently.

Every process and every team member benefits, whether during vendor negotiations or payment processing, sales, construction or management review. Uses for IHMSTM Home Builder Document Management are as varied as the construction process itself, including:

  • Signed sales agreements, addendums, and color & style selection sheets can be scanned and attached when a house is sold.
  • House progress photos for home buyers.
  • Option budget spreadsheets.
  • Before/After photos for warranty service orders.
  • Associate a scanned invoice with its invoice number in Accounts Payable.
  • Maintain records of vendor information, such as liability insurance, auto insurance, Workman’s compensation forms, Release of Lien, Federal ID, and sales tax exemption certificates.


Using Mark SystemsTM‘ IHMS Home Builder Document Management function has benefits across the entire enterprise. Moving team members out from under the tyranny of paper files by instantly and transparently delivering the crucial information each one needs results in efficiencies that are simply unavailable with other software products.

Improvements in communication occur in every part of the residential construction process, including:

  • Homebuyers and Homeowners – When a home buyer logs into the IHMS Internet ToolKit, they see a Construction Status section on the main page. During the building process, this section may become populated with links to progress photos, which are taken by a construction superintendent. When warranty service is needed, a homeowner can attach a picture of the problem directly to the service request.
  • Sales Office & Design Center Personnel – Signed sales agreements, addendums, and color/style selection sheets can now be attached to a house when it is sold.
  • Superintendents and Trade Partners – Instant access to plans, specifications, contract detail, and price lists for trade partners means that subcontractors and suppliers always have the most up to date information available. Electrical markups, custom option plans and descriptions, and virtually any other electronic file attached to a house in progress can be accessed directly from that home’s Job Start using IHMS ITK™.
  • Accounting and Purchasing – Insurance certificates, variance purchase orders, expense invoices, custom option drawings – any piece of information that was previously hidden in a file folder somewhere is now instantly available to those that need them regardless of physical location.



The Bottom Line: Mark Systems’ Home Builder Document Management Software immediately lowers paper and storage costs, and improves efficiency in every department.


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