Residential Construction estimating software

Estimating Software

Mark SystemsTM residential construction estimating software is a standard feature in the IHMSTM that allows home builders to develop job estimates quickly and easily using a multitude of methods.

Developed for semi-custom and production home builders, IHMS is a single database enterprise software product that uses a product-based orientation to pre-define costs at both base house and option levels. Product definition starts with a budget, and this is the basis for the residential construction estimating portion of the product. 

Estimates can be generated in multiple ways based on each builders needs and the home type being developed. For example, historical data can be used to generate an estimate for similar products in seconds. Alternatively, estimates can be imported from Excel or from any CAD product.

Once the initial estimate is defined, Mark Systems’ residential construction estimating software lets builders formalize the estimate by automatically generating bid worksheets for every trade involved in the product, and by instantly generating supplier price requests. Bid worksheets and price requests can be posted automatically to the vendor portal in the IHMS Internet ToolKitTM, reducing effort and ensuring consistency across all trades.

Bid worksheets and supplier price lists can be imported back into IHMS through a simple copy/paste, eliminating redundancy and data entry effort. Because Mark Systems’ IMHS uses a single database, accepting bids and supplier pricing automatically updates product level master budgets. This means that by using the residential construction estimating software within IHMS, the system always knows exactly what the cost of the next built product will be.


Since every user shares information from the same database, sales and design consultants use up-to-the-minute information for selections and pricing, and can configure a customers home in real time. Once the sale is accepted, job estimates are created automatically based on the configuration defined by the sales team, coupled with product estimates defined within Mark Systems’ IHMS residential construction estimating software.

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