Executive Dashboards


Mark SystemsTM‘ home builder software includes dashboards that offer strategic, business intelligence tools that bring graphical analysis to the next level. Originally designed as an information dashboard for upper level management, IHMSTM dashboards leverage the power of the detailed knowledge base collected in IHMS for all employees to utilize and analyze department performance.

Executive Dashboards are live, web-based widgets that measure and graphically display key performance metrics for every team member. With real-time performance measurements and user-defined selection criteria, Mark Systems’ IHMS let’s each team member focus on the specific performance indicators that matter most at that moment.

IHMS Variance Dashboard

Information is collected and displayed from across the enterprise, including:

  • Sales status showing conversion rate – traffic statistics, salesperson performance, marketing effectiveness, and demographic distribution. Information can be organized and displayed at a click of the mouse, selecting across any combination of companies, communities, model, elevations, dates, or sales personnel.
  • Closings – with all the standard selection criteria, plus house selections, executives can instantly review closing performance in terms of counts, margins, backlog, and projections.
  • Residential Construction Scheduling – instantly review houses at risk, vendor performance, problem activities, and percentage of on-time delivery. Select by date, company, community, model, elevation, salesperson, vendor, house, or any combination of these.
  • Cash Position – shows net cash position for any selection range. Includes sales, budget, loan proceeds, customer deposits, and actual expenditures.
  • Variance Analysis – powerful job cost variance analysis by date range, community, house, trade, and variance type. Includes both comparative counts and variance cost experience.
  • Warranty Performance – graphical displays of warranty experience by variance code and trade partner performance. Allows you to monitor and review customer service experience using any combination of selection criteria.
  • Accounts Payable – tied directly into the common knowledge base in IHMS, access instant graphical displays of current accounts payable and cash requirements.
  • Highly Customizable – using the industry leading QlickView Business Intelligence Engine, Mark Systems’ Executive Vision home building software dashboard can be customized to show any metric or analysis from anywhere in the IHMS database, or from any other data source. 
IHMS Warranty Dashboard
IHMS Sales Dashboard

The Bottom Line: Mark Systems’ Executive Dashboard helps you see exactly where your business is going from any angle.


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