Material Purchasing


Accurate purchasing is the backbone of residential construction efficiency, especially in the current market. Now more than ever, Mark SystemsTM‘ IHMSTM Material Purchasing module gives purchasing departments the tools they need to create dead-on accurate work orders and purchase orders regardless of house type. 

Using the same common knowledge base as all other IHMS modules, Mark Systems’ IHMS Material Purchasing module is the most comprehensive purchasing product on the market, including:

  • Common vendor file across all companies with project-specific preferences for each vendor
  • Fixed-price contracts with unlimited pricing history
  • Unit prices from unlimited vendors with primary and secondary designation and unlimited pricing history
  • Multi-level take-offs with inheritance down to the community, model, elevation, and option level
  • Work Orders and Purchase Orders automatically generated from sales agreements and selection sheets
  • Direct Excel integration for Bid Management and unit price lists, allowing easy subcontractor bidding and supplier price updates with no manual entry
  • Web-based payment approval with complete approval audit trail
  • Web generated Variance Purchase Orders with user-defined approval heirarchy
  • Automated Option Pricing by community with margins set by category 




Here’s where the beauty of one, single database really makes a difference. 

By looking directly at each accepted sales agreement and associated selection addendums exactly as they were specified by sales, Mark Systems’ IHMS Contract Management module can build unique, house specific, 100% accurate Work Orders

Each Work Order detail line includes every and all available construction related information, including: detailed Scope of Work, option descriptions, individual option costs and color, style, location, and contract comment information directly from the selection sheets.

This makes IHMS the ONLY software tool thataccurately maintains cost and profitability for every single sold option throughout the building cycle. Of course, each PO includes full option descriptions, color, style, location, and comment information directly from the selection sheets. Because purchase orders are generated as needed by construction phase, each one has the most current, accurate supplier pricing available, guaranteeing an on-budget job.

Example Purchase Order



The days of maintaining endless pricing spreadsheets are over! By giving your suppliers and subcontractors a standard, simple, consistent way to update unit pricing, Mark Systems’ IHMS Material Purchasing module completely eliminates the burden of price data entry on purchasing departments.

And since any number of vendor prices can be maintained for any purchased item, IHMS gives purchasing agents and estimators the tools they need to instantly compare prices and select among available suppliers for the best value at any moment. Additionally, Mark Systems’ IHMS Material Purchasing module allows an unlimited pricing history with no impact on data base access or reporting speed, giving you the ability to instantly identify and react to pricing trends.


Material List Selection View            


Lumber Material List (click to view report)


The Bottom Line: Mark Systems’ IHMS Material purchasing module allows you to work with the most accurate supplier pricing available, identify and react to pricing trends, and automatically generate Work and Purchase Orders from sales agreements.


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