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Designed from the ground up as home builder sales software, IHMSTM Sales & CRM module lets sales managers define unlimited marketing campaigns, automatically applying CRM tasks to each customer based on the customer’s unique characteristics. Automatically generate follow up letters, emails, postcards, phone calls – any type of prospect or customer communication. And of course, every template can be customized right down to the individual using the program. 

Give your staff the confidence to work through complex structural selections in real-time with the home buyer. Since IHMS Sales & CRM module uses the same database as the rest of the functions, you never have to question the availability of an option. Pricing is updated instantly from the main office, and option catalogs are always correct and up to date.

Through IHMS Sales & CRM module, you gain an unprecedented view into sales activity, product and personnel performance. No more compiling traffic reports or sales analyses – all prospect, traffic, and sales information is available in real time, from anywhere in the world, securely and accurately!

With IHMS Executive Dashboards, graphical trend analysis of any sales data is at your fingertips.


IHMS Sales Dashboard


Instantly review marketing effectiveness, traffic and demographic trends, even pro-forma analysis of sales contracts (below). Know exact net and gross profit on each option sold!

 Pro Forma Analysis (Click to view full report)



Give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your conversion rates, reducing time-to-sale and increasing per-sale profit. Combining all sales functions into one easy-to-use module, IHMS Sales & CRM lets sales professionals:

  • Store and track every lead, along with unlimited source and demographic information.
  • Automatically follow up with leads and prospects based on unlimited marketing campaigns.
  • Generate mass email, letter and postcard campaigns.
  • Track every communication with every prospect.
  • Working with the prospect, build an”electronic” version of their house, complete with option selections, upgrades and custom changes
  • Instantly generate every sales document accurately and effortlessly (Addendums, Change Orders, additional contracts).


Never search for a document again! IHMS Sales & CRM module fully integrates with Document Management database.

Store executed contracts and change orders, plans, images, drawings, markups, letters, emails – all attached directly to the customer and available right on your desktop!

IHMS Sales Office & Design Center – Agreement Printing (click to view Addendum)


The Bottom Line: IHMS Sales & CRM module gives home builder sales professionals the tools they need to track and manage leads, communicate with prospects, and turn those prospects into profitable sales.

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