Integrated Homebuilder Management System (IHMS) Components

Integrated Homebuilder Management System c                 
Perhaps no other industry is as dependent on accurate communication as residential construction.

IHMS is complete, home builder specific enterprise software, designed with one goal in mind: to improve homebuilder profitability.

Using a single knowledge base, Mark Systems' IHMS supports every function and every team member involved in new home construction: 


Cash Receipts EntryDesigned from the ground up for multiple-entity home builders, IHMS includes a complete, enterprise level suite of multi-company home builder accounting modules. 

Every standard accounting feature is included, plus many more:

  • Prints Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Eliminates invoice entry
  • Common vendors with entity level detail
  • Automatic inter-company postings, including interest
  • Multi-company check processing
  • Web-based payment approvals and transactions
  • Transaction drill down all the way to the source document
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IHMS Internet ToolKit -Mobile Web PortalWhen it comes to web integration, IHMS Internet ToolKit (ITK) is in a class by itself. Information is released to subcontractors and field personnel automatically within the normal business process flow. There is never a "nightly update" or "synchronization" process to worry about: with IHMS ITK, team members are accessing the same knowledge base you are, in real time.

The IHMS ITK mobile web portal capabilities help your field personnel reduce cost, improve quality, and shorten build times right out of the box. And because the IHMS ITK mobile web portal requires no specific hardware, you are free to choose the wireless device that best suits your needs.

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Keep customers happy by keeping them informedCompletely integrating sales and selections within purchasing, construction, and accounting, IHMS gives sales and design professionals the tools they need to increase conversions, increase sales totals, and improve the customer experience.

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Deliver your homes on time and under budget using IHMS. Deliver your homes on time and under budget using IHMS. 

True multiple critical path schedules, with multiple predecessors and successors, are tied directly into pay points and quality checklists. Online, realtime delivery and schedule updates ensure accurate information across the enterprise.

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Material Purchasing made easy with IHMSSay goodbye to endless spreadsheets, price changes, and data entry! 

IHMS includes automated bid and material price worksheets that let your subcontractors and suppliers update prices without double entry. As part of IHMS, purchase documents are created automatically based on sales agreements, purchase contracts, take-offs, and current prices lists.

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IHMS Executive Dashboard | Home Builder SoftwareAs true enterprise software, IHMS becomes the repository for every piece of information across the home building company. As such, the IHMS knowledge base represents an invaluable source of strategic business analysis, both for historical performance and future trends.

Mark Systems' Executive Dashboard gives owners and upper management instant access to that knowledge in a flexible, easy to use graphical format.

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Land Development Contracting and BudgetingIHMS supports every residential construction process from land acquisition through warranty.

That includes full land development contracting and budgeting; voucher requests and approvals; pre-lien tracking (notice to owners), and much more.

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Mark Systems' IHMS Land Development


Track service requests and control costs with IHMSIn this economy satisfied home owners are your best marketing tool. IHMS ensures that your customers stay happy, your subcontractors stay on task, and recurring warranty issues are addressed at the source.

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