IHMS Home Builder Software | Internet ToolKit on iPhoneWhen it comes to web integration, Mark Systems' cloud based project management, the IHMS Internet Toolkit (ITK) is in a class by itself. Information is released to subcontractors and field personnel automatically within the normal business process flow. There's never a "nightly update" or "synchronization" process to worry about: with IHMS cloud based ITK, team members are accessing the same knowledge base you are, in real time. What's the payoff for you?

  • Absolute Accuracy - selection, purchasing and schedule information all flow directly from sales.
  • Increased Sales - capture prospect information directly from your existing marketing website using Prospect Registration pages.
  • Instant Communication - changes made anywhere are immediately available - everywhere, through both the standard web interface and the IHMS ITK.
  • Confidence - you'll know exactly what information has been received, when it was checked, and by whom.
  • Lower Costs - eliminates mailing, copying, collating and distributing costs. Accurate sales driven purchasing documents eliminates 80% of variances.
  • Improved Construction Quality- quality checklists built directly into the schedules, coupled with sales driven purchase document, means the job's done right, the first time.
  • Higher Satisfaction- improved communication to home buyers, home owners, and trade partners means a better relationship and improved satisfaction levels.

IHMS ITK cloud based project management is designed to ensure that you sell only what you can build, and that you build exactly what you sold. Real-time integrations between sales and production means that change orders are controlled before they become a problem.

And instantaneous communication to superintendents and subcontractors means that everyone you’re relying on has the correct information at the exact time that they need it. Field errors and callbacks are virtually eliminated, because the house is built right the first time.

Unlike back office personnel, field superintendents need access to information away from their desks - at the job site. With the IHMS ITK, superintendents, construction managers, and warranty service representatives have access to all the information they need right in the palm of their hand.

The IHMS Internet ToolKit mobile web portal works with any wireless device, including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Any Windows mobile device
  • Tablet PCs
  • Notebooks - HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Chromebook 
IHMS Home Builder Software | Internet ToolKit on iPad  
Home Builder Software Reviews
"Since implementing IHMS, our superintendents have realized 3 additional hours of productivity per day. Those with iPads feel they've gained closer to 5 hours per day!

                                -Chris Taylor, Director of Operations, Rausch Coleman Homes, AR

Having worked in the lumber business for over twenty years, I have not come across a system more efficient for both the contractor and supplier than Mark Systems Internet ToolKit (ITK). I deal with a wide variety of production builders that use multiple systems, but none compare to the flexibility of ITK.
Home Builder Software Reviews
My staff has the ability to access all PO’s and verify numbers, while having access to plans - all on one portal. The dashboard is extremely manageable and reduces a lot of confusion caused by other systems in regards to scheduling
                                                            -Scott Sarratt, Contractor Sales Rep, 84 Lumber

Superintendent / Construction managers


Linked directly into your existing website, Mark Systems' cloud based project management creates dynamic, personalized "home pages" for each field employee. From their home page, superintendents can review Job Starts and Change Orders, request VPO's, review and update schedules - virtually every piece of construction related information.

Internet-based Job Starts, scheduling completion and Work Order authorization update all back office information in real time. Schedules remain accurate throughout the job. Each subcontractor knows exactly where he stands, instantly, across all jobs. Real-time Work Order approvals can eliminate the need for paper invoices, providing accurate cost control and reducing accounts payable effort.

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IHMS Trade Partner Portal - Schedules, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Schedules, Selection SheetsSince much of the knowledge accumulated in Mark Systems' IHMS is crucial construction information, subcontractors and suppliers also have personalized access into the IHMS knowledge base, beginning with their own Dashboard page. Schedules, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Schedules, Selection Sheets - everything a subcontractor needs to know is at his fingertips with this cloud based project management tool.

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With 75% of new home buyers using the internet as an initial search tool, your ability to find and track on-line propsects is crucial. Mark Systems' IHMS ITK lets you integrate prospect information directly into your follow up database as soon as the prospect shows interest.

The IHMS ITK Prospect Registration page captures not just name and contact information, but any demographic information you've selected.

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HomeownersNew1With the Internet ToolKit, homebuyers and homeowners can each have their own unique home page, showing purchased and available options, construction status, sales and customer service links, “last mile” and post-closing sales information – virtually anything the builder wishes to include.

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Instantly link home owners, warranty administrators, trade partners and warranty service personnel with IHMS Warranty Web Portal.

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The Bottom Line: Mark Systems' cloud based project managment, the IHMS Internet ToolKit, keeps your customers engaged, improves construction communication, and helps get your homes built on time and on budget.

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