Streamline Operations
Streamline your operations by giving access to critical information to your Subcontractors on site

No matter how accurate your information is, it is most valuable in the hands of the people that need it. For homebuilders, many of these people are not located in the main office, and in fact are often not even employees. These stakeholders include construction supervisors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Mark Systems' IHMS ITK Trade Partner portals allow these parties to streamline their operation:

  • View real time scheduling across all jobs/communities.
  • Instantly access purchase documents.
  • See payment approvals and check details.
  • Manage warranty service and scheduling.
  • Track quality inspections & improve scores.
  • Instantly view and download all job documents:
    • Plan sets and markups
    • Job starts with selection detail
    • Specifications, Scopes of Work, and more...  
The Bottom Line: Mark Systems' IHMS Internet ToolKit keeps subcontractors and suppliers up-to-date; saving them time while reducing costs and improving cash flow. 
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