Interactive Community Site Maps

LotVue Interactive Community Site Maps for Homebuilders and Property Developers


LotVue Drives Business Performance

LotVueTM is a visual display of information using map-based views, designed specifically for homebuilders and property developers. 

LotInsightTM makes it easy to see lot development and home construction progress without any additional data entry. 

LotBuzzTM supercharges your community website and makes your community maps interactive for future home buyers. 


Mark Systems' LotVue Simplicity


LotVue was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. No new data entry required. No need to hire an IT person. No training needed – login and start using.

Mark Systems' LotVue Visual


Use interactive community site maps to easily visualize your lot inventory including construction progress, sales, status, budget, and schedule variance and architectural information.

Mark Systems' LotVue Social


Collaborate easily and securely with all your stakeholders. Access LotVue from anywhere at any time – in the office, on the road, or at the job site.


Vantage Homes“With the number of moving parts and pieces in this business, we need quick, visual representations of our data for quick decision making. Having the ability to completely customize a visual tool to meet the very specific needs of each department was a huge advantage for us. We were able to migrate the data fields and pull the data into the visual representations we wanted. Now that we have LotVue, each of our employees understands their role and what they are responsible for. It’s helped our process flow and enhanced efficiencies for us.”

– Joliene Weiss, Executive Vice President, Vantage Homes | Colorado Springs, CO


LotVue Apps



Get insights into lot development and home construction progress, hone in quickly on issues and make decisions.

This feature does not require any new data input; it is powered by the data that already exists in your Spreadsheets, Construction Management Software, CRM Applications or Financial Systems.

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Create an interactive and engaging experience for prospective home buyers on developer and home builder community websites.

LotBuzz also works with data that already exists in your system, and can be easily integrated into your current community website.

Get marketing insights such as which lots are receiving the most views and other “click data”.

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