Mark Systems Software Suite Benefits 

Mark Systems’ IHMS is the industry’s ONLY single database, enterprise-wide home builder software suite. No other home builder software gives you the power, flexibility, ease of use, and return on investment like IHMS. The premier residential construction software on the market today, IHMS combines a proven track record of performance with cutting edge technology to give you the financial control today’s tough business climate demands.

Mark Systems Software Suite Benefits


Reduced Cost

Every Mark SystemsTM customer reports measurably reduced costs after IHMSTM installation. Through the single IHMS database, tight integration between sales, estimating, purchasing and production means that the house is designed and built exactly to the customer’s spec, every time. No call backs, no tear outs, and no dry runs mean that construction costs are kept on budget from day one.

Real time payment approvals eliminate “autograph sessions” for the builder and A/P data entry, freeing up resources and saving money in the back office and the field. Finally, instantaneous communication between builders and subs reduces time a builder spends on the phone by 75%.



Built specifically for residential home builders, IHMS is the only software in the industry that utilizes a single database from prospect registration through warranty. No more entering data into multiple systems, importing/exporting data, or using multiple systems that do not ‘talk’ to each other.

Everyone shares exactly the same information, in real time, so sales people can’t sell the wrong option or use the wrong price; what the sales person sold is exactly what the builders and subs see, as soon as it’s ratified; and builders manage schedules in real time, instantly communicating required changes to the trade base. Information is the foundation of your business, and IHMS delivers it instantly, transparently, wherever and whenever it’s needed.


Higher Margins

Mark Systems customers are consistently among the most profitable home builders in the industry. The single entry, real time nature of the IHMS database helps reduce both direct construction expense and overhead while allowing significantly higher production volume without adding staff.

Built-in metric analysis in both dashboard and report form allows builders to monitor margin performance throughout the build process, while complete integration between estimating, purchasing, and sales gives builders control over projected margins from the time a product is defined. Mark Systems IHMS also lets you give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your option and upgrade sales, reducing overhead costs, and increasing per-sale profit.



Deliver your homes on time and under budget using Mark Systems’ true multiple critical path schedules, with multiple predecessors and successors that are tied directly into pay points and quality checklists. 

Only Mark Systems’ IHMS let’s you create option level schedules that merge automatically with standard schedules based directly on accepted sales selections. This creates job schedules that exactly match the individual construction requirements of each job, and shares schedule detail instantly with every builder and trade partner. 

User defined schedule reports, milestone reports, and direct Excel output from IHMS give upper management constant feedback on construction performance. Device sensitive portals let builders update schedules, review quality checklists, and approve payments easily, in real time, from any device they’re comfortable with. Online, real-time delivery and schedule updates ensure accurate information across the enterprise.



Information is the life blood of your business. By connecting every department and function in real time, every team member will have instant access to the most updated information available. IHMS eliminates those “islands of information,” spreadsheets, and reports that are individually maintained and are difficult, if not impossible, to access at critical moments. 

The single database, single point of entry defined by Mark Systems’ IHMS lets every team member share exactly the same information, at exactly the same time.