There are numerous reasons our customers choose Mark SystemsTM for their home building software, here we have compiled the top five:

1. Single Database, All-in-One Software Suite


Built specifically for residential home builders, IHMS is the only software in the industry that utilizes a single database.

What does this mean for you?

No more entering data into multiple systems, importing/exporting data, or using multiple systems that do not ‘talk’ to each other.

2. Industry Experience

During our 33 years in business, we have worked with some of the nation’s top, award winning builders. Our consultants gained direct experience from working in the field and have developed best practices and procedures beyond the industry standard.

Our executive team and owners work directly with home builders and know their concerns and needs. You can trust Mark SystemsTM to lead your home building company to new heights; it’s more painless than you think.

3. IHMS is Continuously Evolving
We do not have a finished product. It will never be finished because it is continuously evolving, adapting to the needs of our home building customers.

However, you will never pay extra for updates or enhancements!

In 2016 we made over 600 new enhancements to IHMS! Is your current software growing or stagnant?

4. One Stop Shop

We develop, sell, support, and enhance IHMS. You will not deal with multiple companies, servicing multiple software pieces, pointing multiple fingers at each other when something goes wrong.

When we release an update or enhancement to one module in IHMS (example: Accounting), the whole system responds. You will not have to contact several software vendors to fix the disconnect, letting you focus less on software and more on building houses.

5. Price – Not Everything is Bigger in Texas!
The best price performance and greatest return on investment in the industry; our prices are upfront and substantially less. In fact, our installation and ongoing costs are the lowest in the industry for a home builder specific software suite as powerful as Mark Systems’ IHMS.

Contact us today for your personalized demonstration and price proposal!