Mark Systems Releases IHMS™ version Q3.17

What’s new in this release?

ECi MarkSystems


IHMS Q3.17 includes a fresh new look! Additionally, it includes cool new tools, detailed below. 

Option Exclusions

The addition of option exclusions ensures that salespeople can only sell what you can build, and that what you build meets your buyer’s expectations. Option exclusion rules prevent selection of options based on previously selected options for a particular buyer. Define exclusions for any range of items, from a specific elevation or model to an entire housing development, and for any number of options, across multiple categories.

Enhanced Custom Option Estimator

The Custom Option Estimator has always set IHMS apart from the competition, and now we’ve pushed its efficiency even further. In Version Q3.17, the Custom Option Estimator has gained the ability to copy COE’s, across all companies/housing developments in both the Estimator and pre-approval, for material and work. It’s also been enhanced to copy budgets from unratified custom and standard options, from multiple companies and housing developments, for both work and material.

Enhanced Material Lists—Add Use Codes

With the ability to reduce the number of products maintained in the system, Use Codes bring an even higher level of efficiency to your job cost operations. Purchasing users can now assign a Location/Use field to products within a Material List, allowing them to define the location where products are used and adjust the cost. Combined with the existing replacement feature, Use Codes will help bring clarity and accuracy to the management of intersecting options.

New! Upload House Progress Photos from the Field

Superintendents can now upload the progress photos for houses directly from the job site! No more taking photos and saving for later, only to forget to upload, leaving the buyer wondering how their build is progressing. Instantly upload progress photos via the Internet ToolKit while walking the job, giving homebuyers insight into the construction of their new home.