Mark Systems Cloud Services

When it Comes to Data Security, Leave it to the Experts

Mark Systems Cloud Services


Sleep better knowing your most critical data is safe in the cloud!


Did you know? Over 60% of tech support issues are directly related to self hosting IHMS™!

End the frustration with Mark Systems™ Cloud Services.

Make the Switch

It’s easy to move IHMS from a server to the cloud. We make it painless with an overnight, 3 hour transition – no cache issues, subsequent nightly backups.

That’s not all, we will analyze and solve your performance issues! If you require more speed, we can quickly double it – keeping your office running smoothly.

Don’t lose your data or spend time rebuilding data, sleep better at night with your hard work safe in the cloud! Check out the 4 Benefits of Cloud Computing for more details.


Customer Survey

Mark Systems™ recently surveyed IHMS™ and LotVue™ users about their need for cloud-based software solutions.

Mark Systems Cloud Services | SurveyWe found that although 74% of users want more cloud-based solutions, only 25.9% are actually utilizing the many benefits of cloud computing:

  • Secure, locked data
  • Fraction of the cost of maintaining servers/hardware
  • No third party IT required
  • Protection from Ransomware, Viruses

What Users are Saying

“Mark Systems Cloud Services lets me focus on IHMS and not back-end server management issues. Mark Systems engineers handle everything in a professional, efficient, and competent manner.  It’s a secure, reliable and worry-free solution.”  – Hai Bui, Professional Builder Resources, OK

“Prior to the conversion, Mark Systems was competing with Exchange on our server and performance was uneven at best in the office and more challenging in the field. Since the conversion we have seen performance improvements both in the field and the office.”  – Ken Gill, Southern Development, VA


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