IHMS Home Builder Software Real-Time Customer PortalWith IHMS Design Center & Selections module, the customer's experience extends far beyond the model home and design center - it goes right into their living room!

Every home buyer gets a secure, personalized web portal. Built in email communication with the design consultant speeds selections and improves customer satisfaction. At any point during construction, each home buyer can see almost unlimited information about their house:

  • Every selection they've made, with colors and styles.
  • Available selections based on construction stage.
  • Option photos, images, plans - even video.
  • Construction status in detail, summary or both.
  • Copies of executed sales documents, plans, markups - any document.
  • Progress photos! 


The IHMS Design Center & Selections module includes the industry's only Custom Option Estimator. This unique function allows sales personnel, design consultants, and sales management to request and track any type of custom option, whether a complex structural change or an unusual light fixture. 

Instantly communicating with the purchasing or estimating department, the Custom Option Estimator allows for detailed, accurate estimates for custom options, along with sales prices and expiration dates. Email notification of approval or rejection to sales and design personnel or sales managers improves customer satisfaction.
IHMS Custom Option Estimator
Custom Option Estimator (click to view report)

Mark Systems' IHMS creates Option Addendums that print user defined agreements unique to each community with option upgrades and change orders.
Home Builder Software Option Addendum
Option Addendum 

(click to view larger) 


IHMS shows every option available for any house, at any time, at any construction stage. Selection rules are user defined, including:IHMS show available options by construction process

  • Restrictions between sales office and design center option availability.
  • Multi-level option availability by project, model, elevation, and stage of construction.
  • Real-time option pricing, style/color selection, images, and more.
  • Variable upgrade pricing.
  • Mortgage impact calculation on any option or upgrade.
  • Custom Option Request immediately notifies IHMS Sales & CRM module.
  • Purchasing/estimating, tracks progress and notifies you when the request is complete.

Design Center Personnel

Give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your option and upgrade sales, reducing appointment time, and increasing per-sale profit. IHMS Design Center &
Selections module gives home builder design professionals the tools they need to track and manage customer appointments, communicate with buyers, and maximize design selection sales.

Combining all functions into one easy-to-use module, IHMS Design Center & Selections module lets design professionals:

  • Schedule and manage design appointments for any buyer in any development.
  • View every previous correspondence, contact, notes, and selection associated with any home buyer.
  • See previously selected options and upgrades for every buyer.
  • Instantly display currently available selections for the specific model and elevation for each buyer, based on current stage of construction.
  • Provide real-time pricing feedback as selections are made.
  • Supports gallery-type display layouts via wireless technology - make selections in the gallery with the buyer, and have accurate, effortless sales documents printed and waiting when finished.Sales Office & Design Center

Sales office Design center - Sales Price SummarySales office Design center - Quick Mortgage Model

The Bottom Line: Using a single, enterprise-wide knowledge base, the IHMS Design Center & Selections module helps you manage your workload and your customers with instant access to every piece of sales information, improving option and upgrade sales, reducing appointment time, and increasing per-sale profit.

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